Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good evening

I'm still in school ... It's almost 10PM.
Can't wait for sch opening ceremony to be over.
But evelyn's mum sms cheer me up ...
And gave me faith to continue ...
It's at times like this, with supportive parents like these, that reaffirm my belief to be there for my kiddos ...

------ SMS Text ------
From: +6591***917
Sent: Nov 19, 2009 21:18
Subject: Good evening
Good evening, thank you for everything you've done to Evelyn for this year. I'm so happy to know you and you're very easy person to contact, to talk to. I'm sad that evelyn's mark is beyond my expectation. I'm sad that you are not longer teaching Evelyn anymore. I just hope that the next evelyn's teacher will be good as you.
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