Monday, November 16, 2009

Term 4 Week 10!

Been doing stellar worksheets the entire nite,
ok ok ... not entire nite, and not the entire booklet, took abt 60min to touch up the booklet,
and to do 4 worksheets :p
going gaga over the froggies!
but well, it's done!

time really flies ...
this coming week is the last week with the my kiddos,
(ok, though i have track training till mid dec)
then follow by workweek ...
(more planning madness)
i'm mentally tired!
(yes yes, i know some of you will be pointing the finger @ me, saying that i'm always out, that's why i'm tired, all i can say is, you will never understand! :p)

anyway ...
photos for events over the wkend ...
which explained why im shagged out!

i miss baobei!
(ok, pardon the pic, taken with my cam when the dust speck is still there!)
thanks for dar (and advice from joker), it's gone!

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