Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday 41 (31/12)

Happy new year everyone :)
Best wishes for 2010!
Sch was great ... Refreshin change :)
I'm doin double english and double pe :D
Had dinner @ great world with jo and shar (and andrea and tabi) ...
Mambo (yes, I finally made my way to my first ever mambo) with the addition of marj and daisy ...
Well, I'm not young la I know! :p
Met fio there! Pardon the pic :) I only had bb with me!
Supper (super sinful) @ hk zion ...
And now, I'm tired yet not slpy ...
Shall zzz since zz can't bbm ...
Need to go get kyan's pres @ pml and go pop for sch stuff ... Zzz!
I Love My BlackBerry!

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