Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dish Washing Liquid

I am really not whining.
I just find it amazing.
I was asking my Staff Welfare Head about the missing dish washing liquid in the staff lounge.
She was saying that some (or was it one) members feel that it is not fair to buy it using the Staff Welfare Fund as some colleagues do not bring food / do not wash cups and thus, have no use for it.
CLASSIC isn't it!
And so, shouldn't we stop buying toilet paper?
Because there are 'some people' who do not use them?
Whoever it was that made such a comment, I admit, I do not like you and do not agree with you.
But I have nothing against the SWC.
I am just wondering, WHY DO I HAVE SUCH COLLEAGUES!
Luckily I have nice friends in school!

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