Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Efficient Committed-to-Kids-Only Slacker

Left school around 2pm yesterday.
Got home and started stepping.
Belle bbm and said that she was ready way ahead of our date!
Rushed out, but with traffic and stuff, I was only there around 1620.
Shopped around a bit. Yes, only a bit.
BUT ...
We got mesmerised by these!

And we went crazy over them!
Her's were even nicer.
And we (or she?) spent so much on them!
Freaking hell, small little clips like these cost so much?
We were damn hungry and finally left for WR at 1820.
But, by 1835, they were still not open!

I was hungry!
And so, what's new, we took pictures :p
Finally, I ordered my usual.

I totally heart the butter, bread and FG.
Decided to pop by her new place after dinner,
and OMG!
I saw these!

Those missing from my collection!
When I eventually regained my sanity,
I looked at her house and saw all the nice lights!

Anyway, thanks for the Gappies and the books, Belle!
Will read them soon!

And today .. I've got a new title for myself!
The Efficient Committed-to-Kids-Only Slacker.
There is totally no point getting upset over management,
over heads, over decisions that we have no say.
And so? Just do it.
Because nothing matters but my kiddos.
Only their life and future matters,
whatever else, it's just a job.
Heck the politics, heck the stupid morning or recess duties.
I will do it, for the kids.
Not for that fact that the management are not able to see and compare between people doing 39 periods of teaching and 22? 25?
And so, no big deal :)
HECK ...
At contact time / silly billy induction, we totally heck :)
And so, we took pictures again!
Haha, all my friends are well-trained by me!


  1. Where is WR located...the food looks yum yum!!!

  2. dempsey. love it to bits! i love their foei gras!

  3. i know where of another place for celebration!