Sunday, January 17, 2010

Healthy vs Unhealthy ...

Spring / Summer is finally here.
The collection I mean ...
Unhealthy habit while trying to stay healthy.
Shop/Surf online.
Decided to stay in to laze after breakfast at Tropica with Marj,
Got so bored and started surfing the web.
SMS jy ALMOST IMMEDiately and told her to bring her son to Chanel to check out the stuff.
I was tempted to go but decided that I shall stay in (also).

Having my 3rd cup of Bali Kopi for the day.
I know it is very bad.
While i was trying to increase my vitamin c intake,
i increase my dehydration rate with the overdosage of coffee.
Was updating my drama status the web and i realised it is JUST 6 hours to my two drama.
Should I sleep now and wake up to watch?
Well, I shall not be crazy.
Will live the night as it is, haha, and watch it tomorrow night.
Luckily I have all these drama to keep me company!


  1. omg! the bangles!!! hahaha.
    in stores?

  2. i havent been there to check! super chio righte!