Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life is so much merrier with friends! S.H.I.T.!

Week after week, but so what, life still goes on :)
As of yesterday, I already proclaim on FB that I do not like MG. Ver 2.0.2010.
But well, school is not all about her, not all about those 'trying hard to impress MG. Ver 2.0.2010",
I still have friends who are there.
When my days get harder because of everything,
they are there :)
When my days get harder because of everything,
I always have mummy and papa (and irritating boy boy) there :)
When my days get harder because of everything,
my kiddos are always there to make me laugh :)

As usual, my not too favourite (but well, give her credit because she still get work done after due dates and despite very late, still done) AM announced at 1325 for all of us to go to the hall to have the staff photo taken. Haha, 'we' were on the way to the carpark to leave for Siglap already!
And so in my dishevelled state, or like that Poh Choo said, my 春姑image,
I cannot be bothered to make up or whatever or even touch up my hair.
Haha, this is me!
I just went around snapping photos again!

Our favourite all-time activity!
Snap Snap Snap!

Contact Time was bad yesterday.
The bonding with colleagues and reading of journals was fine.
Haha, it was the things / statements made by management that totally sucks.
We were all affected.
No way can we let them affect us!
I must go drill it into my kakis!
They are just insignificant beings and they hold no ability to affect us badly!

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