Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Weekend ...

Thank you  ...
For all the unexpected care and concern ...
Wasn't expecting that from the unexpecteds.
But very much appreciated.
I know I decide my day(s),
and so,
I decided that my days should be good.
I deserve the good days.
I am still the Princess :)
Thank you dear friends ...
For the constant TLC.

It was a week of long days in school.
Indeed, five long days.
Well, I am glad I can have the five long days.
And I am glad I survived them.
Had our PEF monthly dinner date at PS Cafe.
As usual, we bitched from school to kids to everything!

Yes, January, and I am still receiving Christmas presents :D
Thank you PEF babes!

We love the table they gave gaved us!
Gigantic mirror!

The three busy women or rather five busy people finally had time to sit down together for dinner and tea.

Yes, we are all busy people.
Five of us with eight phones.
(Jason was saying, "How come there aren't eight cars?")

Finally, almost, finished personalising my 8250.
And yes ... I re-read my post.
Re-read Teacher Jerry's post and comments or maybe, it was mine :)
Rethink how I should decide on my days.
Rethink how I made / force people to be happy in school and count their blessings.
Rethink about how the TOH Family make good teachers.
I should do what I tell people to do.
Life is too short to think, bother and waste on unhappy stuff.
As long as I know I did my best :)

And here, I present my Happy Weekend :)

For there is no reason (now) to cry hard enough ...

Can't Cry Hard Enough ...

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