Saturday, January 30, 2010

Say Goodbye

Didn't go out for dinner after all.

Rather tired after a long day.

But tonnes of things done though.

Decided to start on my STELLAR Booklets.

Was watching Channel 8 when I realised that both the 2100h programme and 2130h programme are tear-jerking.

Definitely not good for a cry baby like me.

I hate to say goodbye.

Goodbye of all sorts.

One was about Doulos.

And how the crew members are all slowly returning home.

And the next one was about this family and their eldest son.

The doctor told the parents that he could only live for a few days after birth.

They still insisted on giving birth to him.

Eventually, a few days, a few weeks, a few months, a few years ...

And I think it was 14 years.

Miracles do happen.

One hour of infotainment shows, and I shed so much tears.

Life has been fair to me I supposed.

I had my fair share of good things in life, before the bad happened.

Then again, I'm sure God has His reasons.

For all that happen, to make me what I am.

Life has been fair to me.

So much better than many others.

I should not have any grouches.

And I should not be upset easily anymore.

From school, to friends, to family, to everything.

So many did not even get a chance to make it to where I am or what I have.

I think I have been trying my best.

But I do deserve a time to say I am tired too.

Before I start out all over again ...

1 comment:

  1. Nothing wrong wif saying u r tired. When u feel tired, find some ways to recharge! Tat's wat I always do!

    After recharge, u will feel refresh n ready to take on all the challenges that's waiting for u ahead! =)

    Yes. I do agree on the part where one should be grateful and appreciative on wat one have. =)

    所谓,自足长乐 =)