Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weekend is Super Duper Nearing!

Yesterday was another long day in school.
Well, it's ok, chilling out at Harry's helps!

And yet, today is another long day in school.
When you have hate something, find some reason to love it!
Workshops are super duper irritating when it is not a choice,
but well, love something out of it then!

And well, I cleared my marking!
La la la la la ...
And I love to read my kids' journals :p

I went T.One for dinner with Marj and on the way back,
we saw this cab.
We love the retro luggage 'advertisement' on top of it!
And my new school shoes!


Well, when I am not running with the kids,
I can wear this.
I can wear it with my mini skirt too!
I so love my life!
Loving every minute of it!

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