Thursday, February 11, 2010

17 hours to CNY long weekend!

Woke up with bad chest pain.
When I tossed and turned, I felt it quite badly too :(
Felt better after school and well, skipped the doctor.
Very tired, most probably because I didn't sleep well.
This morning, gave out the Pooh and Friends Gold Coin Chockies to my kiddos.
And also, those Vday cards and Chockies to my friends!
The other day, I forgot who asked me why didn't I buy those pinky vday cookies, I remember saying, "No need, sure will have people buy for me!"
And yeah :p I got it today :p hee
Thanks to Poh Chu Jie, she gave us a treat today! Huat ah!
Left sch after 530.
Cleared table. Cleared marking.
Vaccum the car a bit and finally, after do long, I did up my Princess Piglet.
Inspired by the Princess pillow that Eve bought for me.
I Love My BlackBerry!

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