Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chat with @lvin Z on 2/27/2010

^(oo)^ princess piglet ^(oo)^ , @lvin Z

@lvin Z: 10 Mental illnesses caused to BBians by Blackberry
1- Taking BB to bathroom. With you..
2- Happiness when getting/stopping in traffic.
3- Laughing/Smiling a lot when no body is talking to you.
4- Not giving a crap about what's going around or who's there/around.
5- Back bending and neck problems.
6- Make nails longer/shorter "for better control".
7- Fall asleep with BB beside.
8- BBM obsession.
9- Free advertising/marketing for BB company.
10- Make fun of other phones, specially Nokia
^(oo)^ princess piglet ^(oo)^ : Hahahah

I Love My BlackBerry!

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