Sunday, February 14, 2010

CNY Edition - 年初一

Our annual Chinese New Year family photo!
18 hours into 年初一.
I'm tired!
Reached home around 1am last night after meetin Drl for coffee.
And just when I though that Eve's present will be my final Christmas present for 2009.
I got another one from Drl!
Heh, thanks!

Woke up after 10am today and headed to Ah Mah's place around 11.
As usual, the round robin visiting sessions began.
From Ah Mah's place to the 7th floor, to the 10th floor and to the 13th floor.
I like the fact that many of my relatives all live in the same block!
Haha ...
And well, this year, finally, not a single soul ask anymore question about  ...
Not that many asked last year, in fact, only one asked (repeatedly).
But well :)
Anyway, Ah Mah seems slightly more energetic today compared to the weekends when I popped over.
That's good!

I realised that Mummy is a no-flash person!
Her eyes always close whenever I use flash.
(Reminds me of niz)
Ash is back!
I wonder why I look so tanned.
I haven't been tanning!
Used my BB for these shots.
Haha, love the pic where Boy2 was carrying the pink recycling bag!
I was so sleepy when we reached home around 3plus.
I napped for 2 hours.
It must be the the wine.
Just today alone, I think I had 4 glasses at Ah Mah's place and
2 with Mummy and Papa during dinner just now.


And the round robin visiting continues ... uncles, aunties and cousins are over at my place!

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