Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dinner @ Bt Batok ...

School ended on a 'high' note.
The kids and I were laughing like mad at the end of the day.
Rushed off immediately after school to execute my 90 minutes plan.
Within the 90 minutes, I reached home (15min), did my stepper (20min), bathed (10min), napped (15min), dry my hair (10min) and sped off to CCAB (20min) for the Track and Field briefing.
After which, went to Bt Timah Plaza's NTUC to get grocery and then off to pick Cher up.
And I shall leave out what my Fan aka Jason aka Irritating Mr Pang said when he called me!
Thanks to Cher's MIL.
As usual, dinner was yummy!

And the kids brought much laughter to our gathering!
Got an irritating email from a parent.
Very irritating and very rude.
I was literally angry.
So when I came home, I did my stepper again.
To work away the anger, and well, it did!
Shall sleep and wake up early to prepare for tomorrow's gathering!

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