Monday, February 1, 2010

First Day of February! The Month of Love!

My RO smsed me and asked me if I could do relief for a fellow colleague.
And so I agreed and had to take my kiddos to the Esplanade.
They were from my 2007 P3 and 2008 P4 :)
Quite a fun outing.
But when I came back, I had the ruddest shock ever.
My canteen's coffee uncle told me, "Eh, the fat one say you were missing from class this morning for 45 minutes?"
And ... ok ... I decided I shall not share this story :)
I already emailed P, VP, and the concerned parties.
Like what Cher said, our school is full of such nonsense.
No simplicity at all, unlike her school.
And ... I realised the relief who went into my class because I was a relief for the Esplanade excursion,
did not mark the work?!
Nevermind, no big deal then.
I mark my kiddos' work.
Had the nth time refresher course for the same portal.
Totally unnecessary.
I am able for the use of it.
But there was no choice.
We had to go.
And of course then, no big deal.
Friends bonding time!
No need to grieve!

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