Friday, February 12, 2010

Friends - Valentine's Day Edition

Finally, the long weekend is here!
Today was a good day in school.
Prior to all the celebrations, I had no lessons!
Free periods all the way!
I was literally slacking in the staff room - drinking coffee, reading National Geographic and taking pictures (or should I say disturbing) people :p
Of course, I did help in the preparations for the skit too ...
And yes, Daisy and I had a small part in the skit put up by our kiddos too :p
Left school at 1230 eventually!
Went to parkway's Sakae Sushi for lunch.
Shopped around the place with Chrissy till Adi met up with us.
With my dropping capris (the only pair i have, not counting the satin one), i rushed down to Bugis!
Got the top fro GG5 for Belle.
And in lightning speed, got my capris.
All in all, I only spent 20 minutes at Bugis!
By the time I got home, I was so tired!
Wanted to wash my Princess Piglet, but the sun was too strong.
Decided to nap.
And I actually napped for more than an hour!
Went down to wash my car.
Happy :) Princess Piglet is clean again!

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