Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just another thankful day ...

School was fine.
Ring was found.
Everything should be considered fine.
I should be thankful for every little thing.
I shan't whine.
I'm blessed enough.

My ex pupils came to me and told me, "Can we be your goddaughters? So many years, you're not teaching us, but you're still our favourite."
I almost cried.
And I mean it.
School bus was late today.
Girls got back to sch slightly (10 minutes) later after training.
No parents complained.
Parent found a donor for my track team.
Had dinner with Maybel.
Got my CNY clothes.
Nothing to complain.
I should be.
I am thankful.
My kiddo asked me, "Is your daughter Maybel Ng?"
Thanks to MAYBEL NG ...
Check out my FB and you will know why.
And so I played along and said, "Yes."
In case you noticed, yes, I met her in my childish PE attire and you jia kway plaits.
And she spent her life away in DI again ...
Haha ...
Thank you all,
for yet another day ...

Was reading blogs ... and today's favourite (other than TJ's one which caused my computer to hang!)
And of cos my bb one's ... love you and bb kyan too ...

Thank you all, for making me feel loved ...
For allowing me to throw my tantrums ...
For allowing me to behave like a princess ...
For pampering me like nobody's business ...
For allowing me ... to simply insist on what i believe in ...
Thanks ...

My kiddos from one of my two English classes.
They never fail to cheer me up

The book was about a king with chicken box.
And thus, the title of the 'MV'

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