Saturday, February 27, 2010

PEFX Monthly Dinner Date

Reached home around 2 in the afternoon.
Or was it later?
I really cannot remember.
I think it was later.
Anyway, managed to nap.
Not a fantastic nap.
Just cannot sleep well this week.
I'm going to sleep after this entry instead of marking my compositions.
I hope I can sleep well.
Instead of having dinner at Mandarin Gallery,
we changed our dining place to Tampopo.
Our second time at Tampopo.
The first time was at Liang Court.
And yes, boring us (EFX) ordered the same ramen. Haha.
I thought I still looked shack after the nap.
Oh well.
And the three of them, who came from school!
Poor thing.
After dinner, we popped over to Zara and Mphosis.
Big buyer - P!
Ended up at Coffee Club for drinks (and more snacks).
I must really get onto the stepper and work out in the morning!
Time for my favourite Black & White and Sepia shots.
Did not use my dslr, despite me bringing it out!
Was using my BB all the time! :p
Till next month's date!

Song of the night

And ...
I miss my Pig of Happiness ....
Since I lost it, did I lose my happiness?
No, I cannot let piggy determine my happiness.
I just miss its spastic face.
Maybe I need to search harder to get a new one ...

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