Thursday, February 18, 2010

SHIT ... TGIF ...

Yes, it is just another workshop on another Thursday.
But well, at least it is Thursday already.
Super tired in school today.
Age is catching up.
Staying out a bit later and having to get up early is no more easy task.
Met Jas at Boat Quay TCC for coffee.
Slept like almost immediately when I got back.
Had yummy breakfast.
Papa made prawn and egg omelette for us to go with bread.
Salad was yummy as usual.
I'm glad that I managed to clear all marking before the end of my free periods.
The workshop was really a pain.
For the content of the workshop, half of us know what to do.
Left at 4plus and the usual gang went walking / running.
I'm super tired.
Not even 8.
I'm lying on the bed after chatting with Chrissy on msn.

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