Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunny Sunday

And I mean really Sunny.
Sunny Sunday!
So scorching hot!.
Not the best weather condition to work in.
Slept close to 5 am.
Woke up about 12 pm.
Went to Giant to get some groceries with Marjie.
Got home, did some marking.
And I actually fell asleep!
I look at the sun out there.
I should be sunbathing. Or rather, I would have been out there sunbathing last time.
But with my bad condition of rash nowadays. I shall not! Took a cold shower. Did somemore marking (yes, marking on a Sunday. Due to last week's bad emotions and lousy efficiency. I must get back to being 'NO WORK @ HOME') And now, I am blogging and blogs reading. Some interesting reads for you:
Some interesting secrets. Sad. Happy. Funny. Life.
My life is so good. I should have no complains.
Love his latest entry. "Sometimes when you are feeling lost with no sense of direction and don't know where you are heading then you should close your eyes and think about moments of joy & happiness, deep happiness. Its called Following your bliss. I am trying..." I am too. Because I know I am more blessed than many out there. I have everything. And most importantly, I have family and friends who love me. And for all that I am, I keep my promise. Because I made it. I keep it.
More great reads!

Cooked fried rice for dinner.
And of course with my all time fav Bali Sauce :p


  1. thanks.. that was that was from joseph campbell.
    but ya, all we could do is to do better and count our blessings..

    i feel the same the way..very blessed for the surrounding & journey i had..for the journey iam having.

  2. everyday has been hot hot hot recently...take care and drink lots of water ya :)

  3. not going to excel fest one mention

    u going to amore women's day out?

  4. it's 'compulsory' for our sch lor?! nvm. take it as mass gathering. haha. not gg Amore ...