Saturday, February 6, 2010

TGIF ... And My Coming Weekend!

Before I can blink, my Friday is over :)
Well, but time well spent with my friends.
School was usual.
Sent Chrissy to the airport after school.
Had lunch at Sakae with Chrissy.
Belle happened to bbm me.
Decided to meet her for coffee while she waits for Gary.
And YEAH! Gary sold me the Traveller's Edition Vodka!
Ahhhhh .. my RED Vodka ... When am I getting you!
And the Peppar one!
Left the airport and went to town to meet JY, her mum, LM, and Regine.
Had tea at Royal Copehangen.
Shopped at Taka.
Shopped at Far East.
And we left Far East only at 2230!
Walked to Cineleisure for super late dinner (which means - super fat dinner)!
We totally gorged.
It's like I've been hungry since forever!
Hair is almost dry ...
I'm sleepy.
Going to ECP to walk with Marj in the morning.
Then Ctown.
And  I think eventually, mark my compos!
Happy Weekend to all!

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