Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Weekend that Arrived Happily ....

Woke up at 0800 this morning when I heard papa asking boy boy if he is getting a lift from mummy to work.
I thought I must have missed marj's call/msn.
Ended up it was only 0800!
Mummy's shop appointments are usually packed to the brim during CNY period.
She literally works 12 hours daily!
Went to ECP for our walk.
Met Irene Mommy and Pln to shop at Chinatown.

Mad shopping again.
Yesterday at Orchard and today at Chinatown.
My feet are breaking!
Walked non-stop from 0916 (ECP) till about 1600!
Ok, we did stop to eat and munch many times!
Heart the flowers I bought.
Mummy's not back yet.
Hope she likes them!
Cos I totally heart them.
I was so tired, I dozed off in the living room on the floor after hanging up the CNY decor!
Time to mark some compositions!

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