Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Was blogs reading and found some nice thai songs.
Haven't been to a thai disco for a long time.
(Those were the days, baby)
And thus, stopped my Thai drama and songs.
(Ok, think the last time i went BKK, i stocked up quite a bit of CDs)
And here are some very nice ones.
(But if you're a crybaby like me, you'll cry too maybe)
Especially this one.

I'm just feeling lethargic.
(No, Belle, I am not pregnant!)
Came home. Slept and slept and slept.
(Just replied Charlene's FB comment)
Headache gone. Supposed to go watch movie.
Sorry SDSB. My fault.
I'm so not going to do anything else for the rest of the night.
I'm not even going to pack bag.
Am just going to slack on my beloved bed.
Boy boy was so funny today.
Papa wanted to wake me up for dinner,
he was like, she so poor thing, let her sleep la...
Wasn't expecting that from my brother.
Haha. Why am I the poor thing!
(I'm still on the bed anyway, different corners only, shall head back to centre of my bed with my book and bb.)

Can't wait for her CD to be out!


  1. yes i miss those thai disco days!!! haha

  2. miss u too baby, hope u r enjoying hk!