Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Congrats Chrissy and Adi ...

Congratulations to my dearest Chrissy and Adi ...

Or ... Just watch the clip below ...

After their wedding, I think everyone's head will be ringing with this song.
Two is Better than One.
Back to bed with my med and book and warm water ...
Been a long time since I was not well from last Tuesday.
Seems like a very long time.
Plus all the ups and downs.
All sorts.
Thanks to all who were there for me ...
When I was another spoilt brat,
throwing tantrum,
being ridiculous.
Thank you so much.
And my poor papa and mummy always have to be the receiving end of my rubbish.
Give me just that bit more time.
I will be a better person.

Haven't exercise for as many days as I am sick :(
Not happy.
I want to go ECP to walk.
I want to do stepper.
I want to run 1.6 with my kiddos.

Anyway, joke of my week.
I was downing glasses and glasses of warm water at the wedding dinner.
Which led to my multiple trips to the washroom.
Guess what!
They thought that I am going to to puke after eating.
I am not bulimic!
I love my food!
I just don't want to eat so much.
Well, at least I know.
My friends love me :)

Got this from Melissa-B

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