Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love mornings ...

Love waking up in the morning.
With so much time on hand, and so many hours, lots can be done :)
And I totally love it!
Sent dd to pool and I came home to eat breakfast with mummy and papa ...
Looking through Giant Promo Newsletter ...
I thought of getting a few things ...
Then again ...
Economies of scales, why do I need to buy when school and dd has a laminator, I should just get the pouches?
Why do I need to buy the Casio Label Maker when Daze and Chris has it, I should just get the tape right?
Ya, and so trying to be smart auntie me, decided, i shan't get both.
I shall just get the refills for both :)
Decided (without trade-offs of promises), I really don't need anymore $500 slippers or $1000 bags or $300 plastic rings ... I have more than enough ...
I want to get my Canon DSLR ...
After selling my Nikon DSLR to baby's bro, I really hate my pns photos :(
Nothing seems nice.
I so want to take nice pictures again.
According to my teacher who forgets to blog when he has a blog, I should be getting the Canon 50D ...
I won't bring this to Bangkok of course, but I do want to bring this to Brunei.

Yesterday, met Black in town for tea, yes, we really drank tea.
Both of us are not totally well and we decided to lay off coffee.
Went to Harvey to check out prices but decided not to make rash decision.
Met the busy property agent couple for dinner at Old Town :p
Went to pick dd up from pool and went home to watch tv.

I'm so glad the medicine is working fine.
Can't wait to recover fully.
I already forgot what my voice is like?
Haha ...
I shall not overstuff myself with Easter goodies.

Yesterday, was at Marine Parade with Marj, and I spent $120 buying Easter chocolates!
Luckily I'm sharing the cost with Daze!

List of things I shall do today.

Done: Had breakfast with mummy and papa.

  1. Mark last set of worksheets

  2. Pack bag for school tomorrow

  3. Mop room

  4. Change sheets.

  5. Tidy room

  6. Tidy clothes.

  7. Clean my shoes collection

  8. Complete Science eLearn questions
Can't think of anymore for the moment ...

Anyway, thanks dd :)
Time to get to work ...

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