Sunday, March 7, 2010

Love you all ...

Long day for me. And I mean really long day. Met Daisy, 小老鼠, Black, Cher, Jason and Ashlyn (ok, and the maid as well!) ... It was literally 环岛追追追.

Heh, ordered the Ice Blackberry Coffee despite it being very sinful. All for the sake of the name! Literally, all money was spent on food today! Haha. Very good self-discipline. Poor Black spend the most today! But well, all the products were worth the price :p

Had dinner @ Yhing Tha Palace. I miss their rice crackers. Yummy!

Reached home at 9ish and I'm totally wasted. Stepped, bathed, chatted with papa and mummy, masked and slacked the night away. Happy Weekend!

My Number One Fan - Mr Jason Pang!
Cutie Ashlyn!

The usual wanna-bling craze is back.
I bought stickers to bling my cover cover and I forced all of them to let me decorate their phones as well :p
Top left: Jason's Iphone.
Top right: My Beloved Blackberry.
Bottom left: Black's Nokia.
Bottom right: Cher's Iphone.

And I really do not know what have I done to deserve all these love from my friends this week.
Haha, love you all.
Thanks to:
小老鼠 for the gluco.
Mich for the meow calendar.
Black for the dress.
Daisy for the pencil case.
Baby for the card.
Thank you all of you.
When my days get bad, all of you simply made it better.
For those of you, who have always been showering concern for me,
who have been constantly bbming / smsing / msning me,
Thank you all of you.
I know all of you care.

It was a great Saturday!
Because all of you made a difference.

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