Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Midweek ... S.H.I.T.T.Y.!

So Happy It's Thursday Tomorrow, Yeah!
Today was a terribly long day in school.
Left school close to six.
There was a last minute meeting for SEMTREX.
Since it did not concern us, we decided to head to Parkway for lunch.
Lazy and economical for six of us to drive four cars, we went in two.
So happy to be a passenger :p
Haha ... Took Irene Mommy's car.
The monkey in her car is so cute!
Contact time was delayed till about four before we start.
And so, Aud brought the ukulele up.
She taught us how to play.
And, I have totally no musical talent!
Our Ms Teo, is totally the best.
Contact time finally ended close to six.
Went to Compass Point to meet Mich before she leave for Brunei.
Our next holiday destination!
(Ok, excluding my two Bangkok trips)
Darolyn is simply so cute!
Shall slack the remaining of my night away.

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