Friday, March 19, 2010

The Nearing Weekend

Nice red Mazda @ Orchard Parade Hotel.
A pity that the driver lacked consideration and maybe parking skills.
And honestly yes, I can be inconsiderate too.
I would have park even closer to it.
Actually I already park to my extreme left but I still could not get out from the driver's side.
It's like a try-to-have tradition for me to go Black Angus for steak during the holidays.
School days' timing don't really allow me to rush down.

And it's been a long time since i met Wendy!
And I mean super long!
(I still look super sicko. Eyebags. Peeling skin. Argh)
After lunch, we popped over to ION with ION kid - Wendy, to mee Shar.
Stopped at Wisma TCC for a drink to detox and digest my sinful lunch before heading out for more shopping.
Marj came to join us for dinner @ DTF.
Jason came too!
And, he got a chance to appear on the blog.
Haha, my no. 1 fan.
Last night, the Iphones won. 3 against 1.
Which is not usual for my circle of friends,
usually, BB wins hands down :p

My scalp is flaking :(
According to our expert Mrs Cherlyn Pang, who did a course on Eating Disorder,
she said that I am not eating right.
Not enough nutrients.
But well, I have been eating!

Anyway, the nearing weekend signifies the closing my of school holidays.
It's ok.
The beginning of a new term signifies more:
  1. March 27
  2. Track and Field Nationals
  3. Mayday BKK Trip
  4. June Holiday
  5. June Brunei Trip to visit Mich
  6. June BKK Trip with ECP Walking Babes
  7. Darrell's wedding
Alright, shall bring Chrissy to dentist and to monthly dinner with PEF @ EN tonight.


  1. is the lot very small at orchard parade hotel? from wat i c from the pix, the madza car is still within the lot, so can't really blame the driver for being inconsiderate ;p

  2. Yes dear. Small lot. But his back wheel on line liao :p