Friday, March 19, 2010

PEFX Monthly Dinner Date

Despite the horrendous cough, I cannot let my last few days of holidays go to waste.
Met Chrissy to go parkway for late lunch (was super hungry by then).
Went ahead with our monthly dinner date.
This time @ En.
After pigging out yesterday, today is yet another pigging out session.
Super piggy!
I did not even take much pictures except for these two.
In fact, these are the only two.
As you can see, I still look sicko :(
Anyway, the other day, Laura was saying, she likes Chrissy's jiemei's dress best.
I was recalling what are some jiemei dresses I wore before.






And these don't include those that I have been jiemei in 2006-2008.
Yes, I am an experienced jiemei.
Belle said she don't want the gatecrash.
And I think I'm quite overage to be jiemei anymore.
I shall stick to being a planner :)

I desperately need to stay in shape after the over-indulgence of food.
Hopefully the cough goes away soon (pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee).
I need to get on the stepper and to start the walks at ECP.

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