Monday, March 22, 2010

Reading time ...

Monday ended peacefully.
Yes, 7pm.
I'm ending it soon with my cough syrup and 3 different types of flu medicine.
Yes, I'm recovering, however that little bit of cough and flu just won't go away.

Wore my shape-up shoes the entire day.
Bounced the entire day :p
Walk at ECP was good.
Miss my working out sessions at the beach and the stepper.

Had dinner at HK cafe with marjie.
Drove to the petrol kiosk to withdraw cash.
Happened to see this book at the rack nearby.
Book-sucker me always buy books despite the fact that I still have tonnes of unread new ones at home.
And so, decided to buy it.

Came home, went to my bookshelf to get Totto-chan to loan my kiddos tomorrow.
Found this book. Love it the last time i bought it and love it still.
A mere 61-pages book.
Cost me $19.90 but worth every cent of it.
Shall loan it to marjie tomorrow.

Shall take my medicine and read and head to bed :)

Tomorrow will be a better day.


快乐颂 (I guess end of the day, all of us simply want happiness :)

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