Friday, March 5, 2010


Leisure night at home ... Friday night ...

This noon, went for the Enforced  by School to attend Excel Fest at Suntec City. Yes, we were given a choice of the session that we wanted. But well ... enough said. At last the highlights of the day was the lunch at Bakerzin and dinner at Paulaner.

Tired over the saga of my shorts. I wore my pink track pants and my super cute kiddos told me that they look like pyjamas. They told me to quickly change back to my shorts. Anyway, whatever, I love my kiddos. That's enough.

Came back early and did my stepper as usual. Managed to catch my Thomas Ong on 魔幻视界. Super love the theme song and the ending song. Cannot find the ending song online except at this web 郭美美《二人同行》. Don't know to like or dislike this song actually. Was listening to this song, when the tears just roll down. Tired I guess :) school is draining off my energy. Luckily I have my friends and my family. Contradictions, much as I appreciate the time alone, I hate the time alone. Life :) Shall go get the 郭美美 CD tomorro!

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