Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time of the year ...

I'm at my annual fall sick big time phase.
You name it, I have it.
Flu. Cough. Fever. Body ache. Heart ache (ok, chest pain I mean). Twisted ankle. Gastric.
Ok, that's about it.
Hopefully I recover in time for my Emcee role on Tuesday.
Only today, then I have the energy to blog.
Photo taken on Tuesday from SEMTREX (yes, and i fell sick immediately after the emergency exercise).

Wed was Contact-Time-Out.
Our level went to Botanic Gardens.
Love the greeneries.
To simply slack and rot and do nothing.

Thu was a terrible day.
Nearly died after track.
Slept from 7pm till 6am.
Wanted to get up at 5am to do work.
But I did not.

Fri. Celebrated my Sheila Gran's Bday during PDT.
(Check out my eyebagged sicko face - cannot even see the eyes)

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