Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy April 23rd

Had dinner at Black Sheep Cafe on Tuesday :)
Had my monthly dosage of foie gras.
Instead of WHITE Rabbit, this time round, dd brought me to BLACK Sheep.
I find it funny between the contrast of the name.
Followed by desserts at Chinatown.

This is a very painful and tiring week.
Ups and downs for my Track and Field team :(
But still, congrats to all my kiddos.
For putting in their best effort.
And yes, it is still part of the painfula and tiring week with 10 000 things to do.
But well, shall not whine anymore.
Mark SA1 compos.
Mark 3 sets of corrections.
Mark listening comprehension books.
Tidy my staff room table.
Book bus for track next week.
Prepare letter for selection of P3 new athletes.
(Yes, waste no time in getting new girls!)
Fill up letter for medical examination for PE Dip.

And back at home,
I need to tidy room.
Change sheets.
Buy new boxes for my clothes.
Mop floor.
Wash tonnes of clothes!


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