Sunday, April 18, 2010


Wanted to blog about the entire weekend,
but I realised lunch photos at Jack's Place are in dd's bb ...
And so ... I shall blog about meetup with Black first ...
After lunch at Jack's Place, dd and I went to the library to get a book before my swim class.
Then, off to Taka to meet Black.
We went from CoffeeClub to Royal Copenhagen to HK Cafe to finally Domani (the old Pasta Cafe).
Shopped a bit and we headed home.
Cooked dinner for pp, bb and dd.
Mm is at 佛堂as usual.
Haha, yes, I'm super lazy.
pp - papa
bb - boy boy
mm - mummy
dd - dear dear ...
Went grocery shopping for like the 3rd time this week at Sun Plaza.
And got this cute snack!

Good for teaching!
Sent dd for swim classes and I'm home msning Miss Ang ...
And I totally heart her new house!
I'm not a woody person.
But when I look at the pictures, it totally blew my mind off.
Was telling her that the dining table is fantastic!
Ok, wrong. Pardon me.
The whole house is fantastic!
Great buy!
Congrats, Mr and Mrs Wu! :)

Did lesson package yesterday.
Marked majority yesterday.
And so, yes, today can slack :)

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  1. that's Yan Yan's tidbit rite??? I LOVE that!!! but then i din realised that there're wordings printed on the biscuits!!! guess im too engrossed eating them!! LOL... =)