Sunday, June 6, 2010


I started blogging this entry @ 0232.
Dear fell asleep @ 12ish.
I packed the room a bit.
And found this book.
Was planning to read it within the next two weeks, but since I can't sleep, decided to read it.
And a thin book it is.
Took me one hour plus only to finish it.
Nice simple story.
I didn't cry.
But I appreciated the story.
Just like how I appreciate dear dear.
He takes to my bad temper (and sometimes counter back with His bad temper) but most of the time, he gives in to me.
He takes to my nonsense and craziness (and sometimes counter back with equally nonsensical craziness).
As I was reading, I replied to a few FB messages, pinched dear's nose a few times to stop his snoring, felt blissful for many times every time I look @ him sleep (and hear him snore).

I shall head to bed too!

I Love My BlackBerry.
Every child is a bundle of potential and promises.

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