Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back to school!

Yes ... Today is Day 12! I'm back to sch for remedial. Having lunch with Chrissy again later before she fly off.

Took a cab to sch this morning. Dear was upset with me for throwing temper last night and so he asked for Me Time and we went back to our own homes. Realistically, love is never rosy all the time. Freaking taxi driver, called for a cab and yet it did not appear downstairs. He must have picked up another passenger. And so I had to call again and wait. I hate it when I want to take a cab and I've to wait. I pay for the surcharge, so I want to see the cab waiting for me! Haha.

Anyway, remedial was fun. 6 of them turn up. Daze took 1 girl for netball. After 40 minutes, I decided to feed them! Heh. Before they got started on 2nd set of remediation worksheet, we had our breakfast together :p yummy soft baked cookies!

Downloaded new app - Polarise, for my iphone yesterday. Yes. My iphone is really like my P&S camera. Most of my apps are camera-related. And there are no games. Haha.

Enjoying my holiday still. Miss my girls. Glad to see some during Track last week and today.

Updates for my programme tomorrow (Day 13):
Meetups with -
1230 Niz and Princess
1600 Mabel
1830 38z

Hee ...

I Love My BlackBerry.
Every child is a bundle of potential and promises.

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