Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PEFX July's Dinner

Our monthly dinner was @ Domani (Takashimaya) this time round.
The old pasta cafe seems slightly better.
Thanks to E, we had some discount!
And also, it was the birthdays celebration for P & F.
Looking forward to the next one in August.
Love all these fixed monthly outings that we all put in effort to meet.
And because of PEFX monthlies,
38z and Devilz are trying to do so now!
All my important friends @ school, @ 'outside', @ everywhere.
It's nice to know that other than colleagues, there are friends in school :)
Thank you all for always being there!

(I drank red bull @ 2300 when we reached hom after JPOT @ Vivo. Had to set my Sci / Ma Prac as well as EPMS. Tempted dear with Ben and Jerry and he tried to take revenge with Chips. I shall just sleep! - it rhymes? haha)

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