Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear's reservist day 1 (30/8)

Felt funny this morning when I woke up. Not used to not having him beside me. Of course, had to get up and go to school as usual.

School was usual. Kids were funny. Kids made me happy. Kids made me angry. Haha.

Some ex-pupils came back to visit me and to wish me happy teachers' day. So sweet of them. Left promptly after school only to receive news that papa killed both my laptop and netbook. Laptop is revived (but with windows 7?!) and well, better than nothing. Netbook died. Will bring it for repairs after school, after manicure/pedicure tomorrow.

Swam with Chrissy and off we went for T-day dinner @ Paramount. Didn't snap much pictures. Brought my 2370 and the camera stand. Haha. For group photos. Used my iphone for most of the other cam-whoring pictures.

Went to HK cafe for our first (and last?) Bali Babes meeting. We're going to Bali next Mon! Woohoo!

But still ...

Missing dear dear day 1 ...

Every child is a bundle of potential and promises.
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