Saturday, August 14, 2010

Slow Weekend ...

Decided to go slow this weekend.
Not packing it with meeting my friends.
Just meeting Colleen, Jer, Eve and Jason in the evening for dinner.
Didn't walk with Marjie (hope she gets well).
Bought breakfast for pp and mm,
came home after sending dd to the pool.
Watched Au Revoir Taipei.
Slow. Taiwanese Artsy Love Movie.
Was surprised by the numerous Chinese shows my 'Ang Moh' friends are watching.
I'm slow! Gonna catch up.
(Dd fell asleep watching this the other day.)
I decided to watch this today while doing my STELLAR worksheets for Term 4.

Au Revoir Taipei
A broken-hearted young man from Taipei, yearns to be with his girlfriend, who's left for Paris. He spends his days working at his parents’ noodle restaurant and his nights trying to learn French at the local bookstore, where he meets Susie, a sweet but lonely girl who works there. Afraid of losing his girlfriend, and in need of money to get to Paris, he accepts a dubious offer from a local gangster – deliver a mysterious package to Paris. It’s the beginning of a wild night for him, at the end of which he realizes that leaving both Susie and Taipei will only take him further away from true love.

I also want to watch these 3 other Chinese movies!

Love in Disguise

Impossibly famous from an incredibly young age, Du Ming Han has only ever known a celebrity pop star existence. Yet, despite all the perks and glamour, there is still something lacking in his charmed life: true love. Refusing to give up in his search, with the help of fellow musician and friend Wei Zhi Bo, DMH disguised as a regular Joe in hope to find true love.
While incognito, DMH and WZB stumble across the performance of a classical Chinese orchestra and DMH is immediately captivated by the melodies of the guzheng soloist, Liu Mei Qing,a classical music student at the Shanghai Conservatory, whose affections lie with the accomplished, if not arrogant, conservatory virtuoso,Zhu Xue Zhang. DMH nevertheless promises to help bring them together, determined to spend more time with LMQ.
Inevitably, DMH’s distraction from his superstar responsibilities does not go unnoticed by Agent Joan. As he and LQM grow closer, it becomes increasingly difficult to conceal his identity. What happens if she finds out who he really is? Can she really love and respect a celebrity pop star? And can she forgive him for lying?

Tangshan Earthquake, 28 July 1976.
When a mother is informed by the rescue team that, as her 7-year old twins are buried under the debris close to each other, digging one out would result in further collapse of the wreckage on the other, she is forced to make the most difficult decision of her life. As the clock ticked away, she finally ended her struggle and chose to save the boy, and though heartbroken, she had no idea her decision was overheard by the daughter. Deemed as a dead person, the little girl miraculously survived and was rescued after being buried for days. Suffering from the emotional shock of the disaster and the painful memory of her mother's choice, she refused to reveal who she was. She was adopted by a young couple and later moved to the US, but shadowed by the traumatic experience from her childhood; she forever remained emotionally closed up.
When the Sichuan earthquake takes over 80,000 lives in 2008, she volunteers to join the rescue team and returns to her homeland, China. As she witnesses the tribulations people go through when a natural disaster takes place, she finally unlocks the pain she had felt all these years and finds forgiveness. She finally reunites with the mother and twin brother she had parted from after 32 years. A human drama about finding forgiveness, 'Aftershock' depicts not only the fatal tragedy that is brought on by natural disaster of great levels but also the strength and courage that is demonstrated when we are in face of extreme and devastating situations.

Jan, El and Fio all watch Aftershock. And that gave me a shock esp when they are the more Ang Moh speaking babes. And they all told me they cried and cried and cried. Reading the sypnosis, I think I will cry like mad too!

Ocean Heaven
One person out of every thousand is born with autism. It follows that China has over one million autism patients. David is one of them: he looks absent-minded, repeats other peoples words, swims with amazing ease, keeps everything at home in exact order and maybe he is not totally aware of his mothers death some years ago. Working in an aquarium, Sam Wong takes tender care of this twenty-two-year-old son of his. With the generous help of the neighbors, the two live happily together. Yet, the father understands very well that in the end, he will have to depart from the world, leaving his son alone and that day will come sooner than everyone is ready to believe.
This film is an ode to a father who is determined to find shelter for his son before it is too late. In the process, the boy achieves a measure of independence necessary for both to let go.

Watching the trailer already brings tears to my eyes. Remind me of a kid I had when I was doing practicum at East Coast Primary and again I saw the boy when Towner Garden kids came to school for our CIP.

Dear all, thank you so much for everything on my birthday. From the different sorts of messages to the surprises to the gifts and efforts, thank you. Wasn't expecting so much from everyone. Thank you for being so generous with your love for me! :)

It was a quiet one at home. We didn't even sing the birthday song for mm and myself. We did have a yummy cake for all five of us. But I guess, no big celebration mood like my usual 12 days of birthday celebration. Haha, maybe also because it is my final year in the 20s. And life, simply must move on and be better!

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