Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekend ...

Things to eat to slim down. Eat these to help boost your metabolism by Pooja Vig, nutritional therapist from The Nutrition Clinic.

1. Kiwi. Vit C helps burn 30% more fat while exercising and manufactures carnitine that turns fat into fuel. Better than oranges!

2. Green Tea. Reve up abilities to burn calories. Drink 3 to 5 cups @ regular interval daily.

3. Coconut. Heightened metabolism rate. Try replace coconut oil in your cooking.

Got the above from Her World. Shall try to consume the above in moderation!

Am @ Cutie Devilz' dad wake. Managed to feel quite sane and not so emotional. The legitimate reason for not attending the funeral tomorrow is the St Pat's Torch Relay. The illegitimate reason is that I am not ready emotionally for such an event (or is that illegitimate too). When I saw how Cutie joked around with her mom, I cannot imagine tomorrow. I mean, what is her mom breaks down and she herself? And all these led me to two weeks ago. Retail therapies help for a moment. But sometimes, quiet moments still hurt and linger around. I still miss ah mah. It's a different type of missing her. Anytime last time, I can just drive over. But not now.

I remember how I simply tear when I was watching Corrinne May's national day song music video. The nostalgia brings me back to the past. The life with ah mah. The children running along the corridor of the old HDB flats remind me of how XL and XY and I and when Ash was born, our days playing together, fighting for ah mah's tou you bah (braised pork) or drumsticks.

(Every child is a bundle of promises and potential.)
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