Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Saturday was spent working ...

Went back to school in the morning to help out with the Science Workshop for Parents.
Was super tired - or maybe, want to be tired knowing that it is a Saturday.
I should be out walking with Marj or having breakfast with parents.
Nonetheless, no choice :)
Was sneezing away like every morning.
Couldn't get enough sun.
Took my Vit C.
Couldn't drink coffee, so had to make do with hot chocolate.
Felt better after the hot drink.
Had Boon TK lunch with dear dear.
And went to pick up the kiddos who are helping me at Novena Church for the selling of carnival tickets.
Marj was still there when i went there.
Good sales.
Collected thousand over dollars during my session.
Thanks to the kiddos!
Brought them to The Cathay for dinner @ Billy Bombers.
Wanted to eat @ 1 Caramel but the food wasn't that suitable.

Went back to the pool.
Couldn't swim 15.
Was too tired.
Swam 10.
And ...
Started sneezing when dear dear was having his dinner.
And couldn't stop!
Went home,
watched my fav TLC (not nice last nice, watched a while only)
surf a bit ...
snack a bit ...
too med and i dozed off!
Decided not to swim today.
Shall rest and have a restful day :)

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