Saturday, September 18, 2010

PEF's Sep Dinner Day @ ClaypotFun

Or shoud I say ... @ClaypotFun and KFC? (Speaking about ClaypotFun reminds me of CPF Pot - think I want to go there soon!) Yumz.
We 'wanted' to be healthy and so, we decided on ECP so that we could have walk after the meal. But the drizzle came (and left!). We sort of walked a tiny bit :) better than nothing!
And a trip to the loo (@KFC) ended up with popcorn chix, lemon tea and maccau eggy tarts. More yumz :p
And all these, explain the new tyre - on my tummy :)
Till next month, my dearest PEF :)

Every child is a bundle of promises and potential.
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