Thursday, September 30, 2010

TGIF came early ...

Happy Children's Day Holiday.
Good break from madness in school.
Gave my kids one whole week of surprises. One little surprise everyday :)
Did a ppt for my P6 kiddos yesterday. Dropped tears while doing it.
This batch were with me in P3 and P4. Watching them grow touched me :)
School is terrible and kids and friends are the only things that made it all worth while.
Last week, sold carnival tickets at Novena Church with kiddos (together with Marj, Shar, Trace and Ja Ja).
We were all happy that hard work paid off. Helped raise quite a bit for school.
Today. Heard that AChan - sch network tale teller / story maker / backstabber made some invalid accusations to the VP and VP didn't make any clarifications with us.
I admit I am bad.
I did not follow what I always preach.
Be gracious. Don't bother.
The whole issue involve our integrity. And it's disgusting how management can do such a thing.
I shall cool down.
Maybe go Novena on Sat. Haha.
Shall really try to be gracious.
Personally, I do not like the way AChan and Bear work.
It disgusts me.
I may not be the best.
But I reserve the right to dislike someone.
(Disclaimer: Personal Sincere Opinion. Not relaying anyone's opinion. Freedom of expression

Every child is a bundle of promises and potential.
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