Thursday, September 23, 2010

TYR Latest Models by SNAPZ

Or is it Ikea?

Anyway, how did we get these two pictures that we so love?
Thanks to SNAPZ.
I will still thank them
I got two pictures that I love :)
Read about them here.
I was lucky that they invited partner also :)
And so, for all that and the two photographs that I love.
Spare them for their sucky hardsell.
And well, the consultant sent us to the door.
Give her some credit.
All of them are out for a job.
For those invited, simply go, enjoy, choose and go off.
It's free anyway :)
So before you go and start, make sure, to confirm with them, that you can choose!

No need to be upset over people,
especially people that are insignificant to you.
Afterall, they are trying to earn $ also ...

Simply, enjoy!

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