Monday, October 11, 2010

Did I miss out on so many photos?

Yes, I did.
Which means I missed out on so many entries!
Oct's CHIJ Babes Inaugural Monthly Chill-Out.
6/10 WED

Lunch @ Claypot Fun.

7/10 THU
Dear's off day!
And off we went to Arena to get clothes, Queensway for printing and Ikea to get stuff for mummy.

Shopping @ Mustafa as well!

Haha, I love how dear dear carry my Summer's Worksheet Bag ...

9/10 SAT
MY neighbourhood cat ...
Hearts :)

Morning: Bali Babes Reunion @ Tropica.
Mary was accompanying her mermaid princess at home, doing revision.

Desperately trying to finish marking before the BIG THING.

Noon: Lunch with dear dear @ Thomsons' Hans

Airing and sunning a swimming coach's van.
Natural dehumidifier.

Was still marking at Han's!
Completed marking there though.

Getting ready for the BIG THING.
High High Side Ponytail
Rainbow Dress,

More food @ Museum's Cafe before the BIG THING.
Doors open @ 1800. We arrive @ 1630, just to get a lot!

While queueing up and waiting for TA.

Choped our seats for RETROLICIOUS!
Eventually, we all stood up :)
(And all along, my kiddo's parents were sitting behind us, but they didn't call me!
Must be laughing about how crazy I was over Rick.
I was screaming!!!

And I love the new tee I bought from RETROLICIOUS.
It was a normal men's tee.
I cut the collar away to make it into something more rugged.
Love it!

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