Friday, October 29, 2010

My Long Lost Auntie ... FOUND ...

The last time I got  a missed call from papa during school hours was when ah mah passed away.
I saw the missed call today and was kind of afraid.
Called back.
He told me they (my uncles and aunties) found their sister.
I stopped for awhile.
What sister?
My auntie?
Then I remembered, long ago (48 years ago),
she was the child given away by my grandparents for adoption.

At first when papa called me and told me about it, I was very skeptical (too much HK/TW drama).
Is she really the one?
But upon seeing the newspaper article, and how she really resembles my aunties.
I teared.
I teared cos I miss ah mah.
I teared cos she missed ah mah by a bit.
Today's ah mah's 100th day death anniversary ...
and the article appeared today ...
maybe ... it's ah mah's plan, for her to find us ... and us to find her ...
Hope tomorrow's reunion will be a good one for the adults ...

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