Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome back to our Toh Family ...

(hearts my papa, always so cute, and he has FB!)

The adults gathered @ ah mah's house today to welcome my auntie back to our family.
When I watched the video uncle took, I cried.
And like what I said on FB,
"I cried when I watched this ... Much as my bro and I have our 'angry with each other moments', i cannot imagine such a situation where he was given away and only reunited like 48 years later ... I cried because I miss my ah mah ... I cried because my auntie missed my ah mah ... I cried because I know it is ah mah's plan for her to find us ... On her 100th day death anniversary ... when the newspaper article was published on zao bao ... Life ... is simply so magical ..."

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