Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yeah! Got Kewei's CD finally!

Finally, I bought her CD.
And something funny happened.
I walked into Gramophone and did my usual, "Hello!".
Think I scared the salesmen a bit (they must be thinking I'm gona pick them up or what).
BUT, I did quickly follow up with an almost immediate question, "Do u stock Kewei's CD?".
I told dear and we had a good laugh.
So much so that I did not dare to give out my usual iPhone backup battery phamplet in case they think I want them to call me!
(Anyway, Ter said they look like gays - I'm totally fine with gays :) and I've nice friends!)

Anyway, condolences to those who are sad. Paul the Octopus passed away.

Every child is a bundle of promises and potential.
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  1. I don't know any gay friends. :( I want to have a gay housemate! lolx

  2. hahahahah . and lun will be in danger!