Saturday, November 6, 2010

Buying Xmas presents? Try donating money in your friend's name maybe ...

I was watching The Activist's Journey just now.
And it's very sad seeing how people live under such condition.
Go donate money people ...
And that reminds me of how we were talking about how sinful it is that we spent so much money buying xmas presents every year and people do not even have a proper home.
People live on rubbish and eat leftovers.

.: 第八集: 垃圾山爱与愁: "垃圾山爱与愁 菲律宾马尼拉的垃圾山是碍眼的城市毒瘤——大量垃圾天天倾倒于此,大人小孩群起抢夺垃圾中可循环的宝物。时不时有少年意外丧命于垃圾压缩机下,一直都有人患上各种各样垃圾所导致的疾病;但这些罪犯和贫民别无选择,只能在龌龊的环境里营生、寻梦。他们的处境触动着一对新加坡夫..."

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