Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday - Day 1 to Day 7

Been busy ALL the way.

20/11 SAT Day 1: School carnival. Day started @ 0730 in school and only left @ 1730. Was dead tired.

21/11 SUN Day 2: Helped dear with swimsafer stuff. Wrote tonnes of stuff. Yet another bz day.
22/11 MON Day 3: Endless meetings in school trying to tie up loose ends. Went for a walk @ ecp with good friends and decided on an impromptu bbq the following day.

23/11 TUE Day 4: Endless meetings again and again and again. Was happy and hopeful only because of bbq. Threatening weather listened to our prayers and we had a great time.

24/11 WED Day 5: Announcement of our level (I'm teaching P5) and committee (I'm in Sci and PC/Discipline). Changing of staff room seat. More meetings. Met Maybel for dinner @ Parkway.

25/11 THU Day 6: Yet again. Meetings. Mrs. Wee's farewell/retirement dinner. :( mummy felt pain in the heart. Went for a checkup. Did ecg. Doc say to go back in Jan. Hope all is fine. Might be mummy's stress over shop cos helper went on course.

26/11 FRI Day 7: MORE meetings. VP's farewell hi-tea. I'm tired. Not going to do work for the whole weekend. Am going to enjoy my drama. Read my book. Enjoy the photoshoot. Slack. Tidy my room. NO WORK.

Every child is a bundle of potential and promises.
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